The Elegant Docking Solution to iPhone®

  • Designed and Made in the USA with the highest quality materials and finishes. Dock, Listen, Relax, from DLRLabs® will change your life!
  • Introducing the elegant solution to iPhone® living. With tons of choices in docking solutions and alarm clocks, our goal was to create a game changer which provides the uncompromised user experience that you expect of your iPhone®, while simplifying the way you live and work. Like the payphone, after trying the DLR® you will wonder why you ever had some devices in your life. Have you ever wondered why you still have an alarm clock on your nightstand; what if I told you it is now obsolete? Download "Alarm Clock 4 Free" App and get rid of your old clock radio! Whether at your desk, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, you will immediately be impressed with the appearance and features that are offered by our dock. Fits any iPhone® 5, 6, 6S or 6S+ with original Apple Lightening cable and port. Additionally it fits without needing to remove your case! (Except Lifeproof® and Otterbox®).
  • Multiple colors to choose from: Black, Red, Gray, Blue, and Brass, Gold, all with the same finish as your Apple® Devices.
  • Limited edition Gold made from special spun high density 99.9% pure Brass that is 24 karat Gold Plated. Weighing in just under 2 pounds, these centerpieces are jewelry quality and works of art with unparalleled beauty and density.
Our patented sound portal provides a 9db jump in volume without echoing or distorting the audio and is the perfect compliment any small room! While designed to deliver these results on an iPhone® 6 or 6+, the sounds on an iPhone® 5 is still significantly enhanced! True to its form, our audio technology was engineered using the colloquial design of the highest end audiophile sound systems. Without the aid of any power or electronics, the simplest of design creates clean amplified sound for your iPhone®. Click on our "Instructional Videos" link for a live demonstration!
  • Turning raw metal into a human experience is no easy task. Human factor engineers nailed design requirements that will leave your fingertips delighted.
  • This unit is perfectly engineered for balance and weight to provide a sturdy yet minimalist platform for light use that wasn’t overwhelming.
  • Our proprietary finish is designed to provide just enough surface tension on the largest array of surfaces.
  • The architecture is well balanced and connects tightly to the power cord. While connected to the DLR®, you can pick it up and text freely while not interrupting the charge or docking position.
Using our advanced technology in anodizing* and texturing, we spared no expense in engineering the light reflection for the perfect match and complement to your iPhone®. Elegant and simple, children to adults, work or home, dorm or studio, there is a look that will compliment everything from industrial to rustic. The color and finish options can provide a dramatic business appearance or a playful platform for your teenagers favorite music and gatherings.

*Note: The 99.99% Pure Brass version is polished brass and is therefore not anodized. It is designed to patina into a stunning finish for you.

*Note: The Limited Edition Gold version is 24 kart Gold Plated Pure 99.99% brass and therefore is not anodized. The thick gold plating creates jewelry like finish.

*Note: Each Dock sold comes with an included OEM Lightening® cable for a reason. The DLR® Dock is designed to work with the OEM Lightening® cable as other non brand cables have different dimensions and may not fit. We have extra OEM Lightening® cables at checkout for a great price if you need more.

*Note: iPhones® not included with sale