Dock. Listen. Relax.

Introducing the elegant solution to iPhone® living.   With tons of choices in docking solutions, our goal was to create a game changer which provides the uncompromised user experience that you expect of your iPhone®, while simplifying the way you live and work.  Like the payphone, after trying the DLR® you will wonder why you ever had some devices in your life.  Have you ever wondered why you still have an alarm clock on your nightstand?   Whether at your desk, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, you will immediately be impressed with the appearance and features that are offered by the DLR®.  By providing a minimalistic dock that accommodates the iPhone® 6 and 6+ phones without the need to remove your case (except Lifeproof®), this versatile gem will transform your life while keeping your device charged and secure.

The Way We Work

We take our phones with us everywhere and they have changed our lives.  There is no longer a need for a dusty alarm clock or bulky charging station.  Until now, there was no convenient hand held way to dock your phone and still use it to surf, text or email.  With the DLR® and its unique design, you can pick it up and use it while still attached.  When not in your pocket, most devices lay flat, face down or face up.  Without the DLR®, your phone can be scratched, vulnerable and not charged for a trip.  More importantly, you still rely on old devices that are really obsolete now.  The uncluttered look of your surroundings will change, and so will the way you go to bed or sit at your desk with the minimalist design.  About to go to sleep and someone texts you?  You are in complete decision making control without lifting a finger, or undocking.   Want to see your personal calendar while sitting at your desk and working on your laptop?  Simply look at your perfectly charged and perched device for quick reference.  You phone will always be charged and require minimal docking and undocking since you can still pick it up and use it.  Not to mention, it looks fantastic!


Turning raw metal into a human experience is no easy task.  Human factor engineers nailed design requirements that will leave your fingertips delighted.  This unit is perfectly engineered for balance and weight to provide a sturdy yet minimalist platform for light use that wasn’t overwhelming.  Our proprietary finish is designed to provide just enough surface tension on the largest array of surfaces. The finger cutout may seem obvious, but the temperature and texture of the metal against your sliding fingerprint will leave you wanting more.  The architecture is well balanced and connects tightly to the power cord.  While connected to the DLR®, you can pick it up and text freely while not interrupting the charge or docking position.  We offer several colors in aluminum, and a limited run in heavy gold.  The gold dock is incredibly heavy as it is spun from 99.9% pure brass and finished to provide a stunning centerpiece.


Our patented sound portal provides a notable jump in volume without echoing or distorting the audio. True to its form, our audio technology was engineered using the colloquial design of the highest end audiophile sound systems.   Without the aid of any power or electronics, the simplest of design creates clean amplified sound for your iPhone®.  What once lay flat and without life, now stands proud, productive and ready to use.  Using your device as an alarm clock is a snap with this added volume all while being as simple and easy to read in this upright configuration.


Using our advanced technology in anodizing and texturing, our color pallet and reflection will leave your mouth watering.  We spared no expense in engineering the light reflection for the perfect match and complement to your iPhone®.  Elegant and simple, children to adults, work or home, dorm or studio, there is a look that will compliment everything from industrial to rustic.  The color and finish options can provide a dramatic business appearance or a playful platform for your teenagers favorite music and gatherings.  No messing with Bluetooth, no messing with charging speakers, the DLR® provides just enough amplification on its own to make an audible difference in a small gathering.


How hard is it to use?   Simple, pick your favorite colors and quantity and we will ship it to you.  Pop and Lock are the only steps.  Slide the supplied cord into the base and Pop it into your phone.  Slide the phone down onto the base and Lock the cable it in place with the supplied set screw and wrench.  Now set it down and enjoy!