New Product(s)

9/2/15:   24K GOLD DOCKS ARE HERE!

9/1/15:  Reminder:  The docks are designed to work only with Apple® OEM Lightening® cables.  Aftermarket non-Apple® cables may not fit.  This is why we provide you a cable with your purchase.  More cables can be purchased at an extremely discounted rate from our store!

9/1/15:  Reminder:  Save yourself time, do not unscrew your cable over and over!   Once set up, take your dock and cable with you or add another dock to your collection!

8/30/15:  Each dock is now sold with an OEM cable.   

8/15/15:  We are working on a myriad of color testing to bring an even more diverse color selection your way!


If you  have a suggestion of something you would like to see, please leave us a note in the comments or send us an email!